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    This is my own analysis — I’m not tapping some obscure White House memo I found buried on an obscure GOP web site… just playing a hunch.

    There is a reason that people like Dan Coats and other security professionals didn’t know about this summit until the White House tweeted it out on Friday: it’s because Trump wasn’t thinking of national security when he decided to do this.

    The president was thinking about saving his ass from a "blue wave Congress" for the next couple of years: a Congress that will subpoena the hell out of the administration, endow oversight committees with sharp, biting teeth,  and refuse to confirm RWNJs to the bench or to federal agencies.  Maybe he’ll even end up with a Congress that isn’t afraid to begin impeaching a disloyal President!

    Trump looks at the narrative of his presidency much like he would the season-long narrative of a reality show. He understands about “game changer” episodes — where audiences are presented with events so unexpected, so dramatic and so far-reaching that they change the way the audience looks at the show. (Think “Red Wedding.”)

    I am expecting that next fall Trump and Putin  will engage in a dramatic, highly choreographed, well-planned “falling out.” Except it won't be a real falling out, it will be a performance.

    In this performance Trump will demonstrate he is a tough negotiator who stands up for America’s interest. He will Shout Putin down, abruptly pull the plug part-way through the summit, and immediately implement a new set of sanctions or do something else that is harmful to Russia.

    Millions of Americans will look at this ad say "It's about time," and "He isn't a puppet -- he was just trying to get along and Putin took advantage... but now he's put his foot down."

    All of this will lower the anti-trump fever, and will encourage unenthusiastic GOP voters to get out to the polls after all. Mostly, though, it will re-brand Trump from “puppet” to “American tough guy.”

    Of course -- when the midterms are all over... they will kiss and make up.  Trump has already done so with Kim, and the ruse is still working with the Trump base.  Trump will cloak the make-up in language about "deal-making" and “problem solving”— bullshit that works with the nase and many independents.

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    Earlier this week Kavanaugh told Fox News he “… did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter… many years after. I will leave it that. Many years after."

    Years and years of hearing true stories about his peers “hooking up,” poor Brett didn’t understand the failure of his preferred methods of courtship: groping a young woman with his hand over her mouth or surprising her by dangling his drunk little penis in her face.

    Years and years of wondering why he kept getting pushed away, rejected and humiliated when other guys had steady girlfriends who actually came over and spent the night with them.

    Years and years of not getting the sex he felt entitled to- and not understanding why.

    Years and years of involuntary celibacy.

    Yep — now it all makes sense.    It. All. Makes. Sense.

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    No surprise here — we’ve all read this story before:

    The First Lady never left off quarreling with the other players and shouting, "Off with his head!" or "Off with her head!" By the end of half an hour or so, all the players, except the King, the Queen and the Princess were in custody of the soldiers and under sentence of execution.

    It wasn’t long before the Queen was again in a furious passion and once more went stamping about and shouting,  "Off with his head!" or "Off with her head!" about once in a minute.

    "They're dreadfully fond of beheading people here," thought the anonymous source; "the great wonder is that there's anyone left alive!"

    (with apologies to Lewis Carroll)

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    There’s a pattern here:

    • Vladimir Putin told me forcefully the American intelligence community was wrong about him and the election… how can I not believe that?
    • The Saudi Crown Prince was very forceful when he told me he had nothing to do with it…. what does the infected CIA know anyway?
    • I’ve talked to the German Chancellor, and Herr Hitler has reassured me that Rogue Generals were responsible for the invasion of Poland, Belgium, Austria, Greece, France, Norway, Holland, Belgium and all those other shithole countries. He didn’t even know Germany was at war until he heard it on a BBC wireless newscast
    • Ted Bundy keeps telling me he knows nothing about all those dead co-eds.  It’s a witch hunt!  Men aren’t safe any more.
    • When John Wilks Booth told me TWICE he had nothing to do with shooting Abraham Lincoln, I knew for sure the whole assassination thing was FAKE NEWS!  Sad!
    • I don’t really know Benedict Arnold but he’s a great guy — terrific guy… I can tell because his pamphlets all say he really likes me. ! am sure There was NO COLLUSION WITH THE BRITISH.  IT’S ALL A HOAX!!!
    • John Gotti told me the Italian-haters in the  U.S, Attorney’s office tricked his disloyal assistants into FLIPPING.  Bad — FLIPPING SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.  NOT FAIR!!!!
    • Those five blacks from. Central Park (and their rigged DNA tests) —I just have to look at their photos in the newspaper and to know they’re GUILTY AS HELL! That’s why I won’t rent to people like that — they’re all rapists!

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